For several years, Brian Zinck had it in mind to create a company that nurtures new ideas from the very early stage to a commercial success. As a result, ZINCKTWICE S.M.B.A. was incorporated and founded.

The vision of the company is to utilize Brian Zinck's greatest ideas; the ideas that stem from an interaction between his strong curiosity and his attention to life on √° daily comings and goings.

Brian Zinck previously developed software and hardware for "Pay per View" and developed a bank trading platform LOXO trader, dealing primarily with FX.

ZINCKTWICE acts as the holding company for all of his activities. ZINCKTWICE's name and logo are registered in the Patent and Trademark Office (SE 2013 00350/1), name and logo reflects the deep thoughts of Brian Zincks own wishes and visions.

ZINCKTWICE has chosen to focus on the development of ideas which can withstand both a stress and a logic test. All its products must have a global legitimacy. We believe advantage comes if there is already competition in the segment, as it means that there is already a market. Our product just needs to be significantly cheaper, smarter, faster, smaller / larger ... than similar competing products.

ZINCKTWICE aims to manage products from inception, development and commercialization, utilizing optimal time and resources. The individual processes will be adjusting to the products, in order to optimize returns.

ZINCKTWICE is mainly based on the ideas that come from within, but also takes outside ideas into consideration. Each project is given its own identity and an independent legal entity, so that all the products are independent of each other. This ensures a strong focus on each product.

The capital needs associated with each idea, of varying sizes, and seek always some capital from external investors in the projects. Some ideas require particular capital for development, other capital structure of production and finally have some ideas a lease needs to be financed.

International law and accounting firms support ZINCKTWICE with knowledge, advice, meeting facilities, etc. that may be necessary to complete the projects.

Life outside ZINCKTWICE

Brian Zincks spare time is used assisting the Christiansborg fitness rooms for a few hours a week, which gives him a broad network. In sports, Brian Zincks great attention, such as karate, scuba diving, skiing / water skiing, fencing, running and swimming.

Philosophers, thinkers and modern visionaries have a great place in Brian Zincks universe. It has inspired both practical and theoretical patterns of behavior in Brian Zincks everyday.

You are welcome to gather further information on the Internet about Brian Zincks work and companies.

It offers always like on a non-committal cup of coffee in good company.