Business strategy

ZINCKTWICE is mainly based on the ideas that come from within, but also outside ideas will be considered. Each project has its own identity and an independent legal entity, so that the products are independent of each other. This ensures a strong focus on each product.

ZINCKTWICE has chosen to focus on the development of ideas which can withstand stress and logic test. All products must have a global legitimacy. It is an advantage if there is already competition in the segment, as it means that there is already a market. Our products just needs to be significantly cheaper, smarter, faster, smaller / larger ... than similar competing products.

Selection criteria include the following:

- Can the product be implemented with known technology
- Which target customers need product
- How many resources should be used for the marketing
- To what extent affect product users and the environment
- Does the product have potential to be built in several versions later on
- In the case of a product with global potential
- Who wants to be a natural investor and company responsible for the product

In order to bring ideas off the ground and fulfill our mission, it is an end in itself to be surrounded by a wide and strong network of advisors. Be it financial, legal, technical and market savvy advisors and potential investors, all of which can contribute to the process from idea to reality.