Business concept - screenplay for selected ideas

The ideas outlined in our business plan identifies a number of necessary elements. They apply to basic ideas behind, target criteria, market potential, potential competitive products, pricing structure, financing needs, strengths and challenges, risks, etc.

If the business plan reveals that the idea seems viable and attractive, we move into a real development process. The ultimate goal is a demonstration model ready for production. This phased implementation requires risk capital. Here comes a good network into the picture.

Together they represent a picture of the chances of success. In this part of the process, we need to gather information from many sources, so the network plays a major role.

Demonstration model subject to the necessary and relevant tests for functionality, performance, safety, durability, etc. The results are documented and validated.

If the results are in line with the target criteria, collated material in a sales prospectus. Relevant companies contacted by selling the idea in mind. Typically, we look for a concept based on a one-off payment for the rights to the product, and an ongoing license fee, which is linked to the future sales performance. A sale completes the project life ZINCKTWICE.

If the results drawers, abandoned the idea and further activities set.